All that glitters is Gold

To add to yesterdays post on the Highway to Hell can we believe that you can buy The Stairway to Heaven?

Theres a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold and she’s buying The Stairway to Heaven.

Can we really believe that something or someone that looks good on the outside, you’ve “got the gold” or “hit the jackpot?”

We are a society that judges on money and looks when in reality, as cliche as it may be, it is whats on the inside that counts.

Take for instance the 3 beautiful light fixtures. They are beautiful works of art encrusted with beautiful crystals. I am fascinated with the phallic fixture. As beautiful and sparkly as it looks all lit up, its effect on the room would not be as profound as whats makes up the inside.

A$1.00 light bulb.

So , even with a phallic light fixture, if not for the dollar light bulb on the inside, its presence would have never been so moving.

There’s no denying everyone loves nice things, beautiful people yada yada yada …

Stop fucking thinking that because everything may look great on the outside…….

if nothing is shining on the inside its worthless.

Even a damn light bulb has more value.

Chandeliers for The Rock and the Royal

Chandeliers for The Rock and the Royal

Chandeliers for The Rock and the Royal

Rock me Amadeus!

Can you hear them ... They talk about us

heavy metals

Rock on…

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