Rock Couture

Long Live Rock Couture Cont'd
We’re an American Brand
Born & Bred in the City of Angels,  “Rock Couture” offers a complete collection of contemporary, wearable clothing, updated with progressive styling and detail…
The collection blurs the line between fashion forward and traditional, and never strays far from classic inspiration and the timeless simplicity of the basics. With the sole purpose of creating stylish, sexy, and totally wearable pieces, Rock Couture puts a new twist on fashion by creating edgy and sexy designs made from the most delectable fabric- all designed, created, and manufactured here in Los Angeles..
… The simple wearability of the line sets it apart from any other.  Never too much of any one thing… never too flashy, never too boring, never too trendy, yet never too traditional…..The sleek, sexy, simplicity of RoCk CoUtuRe balances the line between too much and too little.
Our clothing line is separated into 3 Styles:
Vintage [Rock] – Recycled Cashmere
Classic [Rock ]- Basics
 Modern [Rock] – Black Label Couture.
Rock Beaute – will be our Apothecary products, including a signature Perfume Line
  This Lifestyle Experience will enable you to See, Smell and Wear the Music!
Love Tracy & Jenna
love it. live in it. wear it forever. ROCK COUTURE.

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