Okee Dokee – Tokidoki Collaborates with Sephora

Soon to be appearing in a Sephora near you …. A Badass collaboration between Tokidoki designer Simone Legno and Sephora cosmetics line.

Tokidoki, the Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand, brings its whimsical style to makeup and we are sure Harajuku girls everywhere will love it.

The Tokidoki and Sephora collection will feature an assortment of eye liners, shadows, bronzers and brushes and will be packaged in playful Tokidoki-designed cases like the plastic heart and crossbones above.

This shit isBananas…. B-A-N-A-N-A-Sl!!

Search, Rescue & ROCK N Deconstruct!

Leticia Garcia – the creator and designer of a cool funky and innovative fashion line called LEKUIN. 

The concept of LEKUIN is to use and recycle only organic materials. Everything is 100% handmade from fabrics that Leticia rescues from all over the world. 

The majority of her pieces are one of a kind creations with a unique rock n deconstructed style that one can wear in many different ways. The line keeps a high end personality, and is created for people who understand the art involved in the creation of every single piece.

LEKUIN reflects the love she has for style and her inspiration from many cultures, places and people that influence her life.

Her Inspirations:
Music , art , people, culture, color, texture ….

Her pieces are hand painted (by her husband) and woven with a ROCK N deconstruct style


Condom Couture

Yes Rockstars.. You read this right! CONDOM COUTURE

This is an Upcycled Wear your Safe Sex Revolution….

Emma Kaywin, a New York University design student, upcycled donated contraceptives that had passed their sell by date into “one of a” condom couture.

These creations were displayed as part of the NYU Gallatin School’s eco Fashion Week.

These condoms not only contributed to her design project, they were not thrown into the landfill which  brought attention to the environment, birth control, and the AIDS prevention organization that donated them.

A+ For Creativity!